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NBA Season Preview 2013-2014: New York Knicks

2012-2013 Regular Season Record: 54-28

Key Additions: G Tim Hardaway Jr.(Rd 1, Pick 24), F/C Andrea Bargnani F Metta World Peace(2 yrs 3.2 million, 1.59 guaranteed), G Beno Udrih(1 yr, 1.27 million, 884,293 guaranteed), G J.R. Smith (Contract Extension: 3 yrs, 17 million, 11.54 million guaranteed)

Key Losses: G Jason Kidd (Retirement, Coaching Brooklyn Nets), Rasheed Wallace (Retirement), F Chris Copeland,  F Steve Novak, C Marcus Camby

Projected Starting Lineup: PG: Raymond Felton, SG: Iman Shumpert SF: Carmelo Anthony PF: Andrea Bargnani C: Tyson Chandler

Key Backups: G/F J.R. Smith, F Metta World Peace , F Amare Stoudemire, G Beno Udrih, G Pablo Prigioni, F/C Kenyon Martin. G Tim Hardaway Jr., 

The block that ended the Knicks' season.
They were the oldest team in the history NBA. One of the most exciting teams to watch with their free flowing style of play. Last year was suppose to be their year, after signing a future hall of famer Jason Kidd, a long time veteran Marcus Camby, former Knick Raymond Felton and an Argentine icon in Pablo Prigioni. The Knicks not only wanted to be the best team in New York, they wanted to be the team that can challenge the Miami Heat. Carmelo Anthony led the NBA in scoring with 28.7 points per game, J.R. Smith won the Sixth Man of the Year, the Knicks broke the record for most threes in a season. The Knicks shown they were a team to be reckoned with in the regular season, but things changed during the NBA playoffs.

It took 6 games for the Knicks to defeat the Rajon Rondo-less Celtics, often settling for complacency allowing a 20 point unanswered run from Boston. The glaring weaknesses became bigger against the Pacers with their lack of size being exploited by David West and Roy Hibbert. The Knicks were not allowed to play small ball with Melo at the 4 and Tyson Chandler was being overpowered by the mammoth Roy Hibbert. Paul George's size and versatility nullified New York's top offensive threats and the hot streak of Lance Stephenson during the series proved too much for New York's guards to handle.

In the off-season the Knicks decided to address their lack of ruggedness with the signing of Ron...Metta World Peace, a 7 foot in marksman in Andrea Bargnani and an efficient combo guard in Beno Udrih. Despite the new additions, if the Knicks are to get anywhere, it is dependent on the play of Carmelo Anthony.

Player Spotlight
How many "threes to the domes" will it take for Melo to win a championship?
Carmelo Anthony had one of the better seasons of his career in 2012-2013. The former Syracuse forward was the focal point of the Mike Woodson isolation offense creating mismatches at the small forward and power forward position. The change to the 4 allowed Carmelo to do what he does best; play in the post and operate from mid range. His quickness off the dribble and strength also allowed mismatches as he is too strong to be covered by an average small forward and he is too quick to be guarded by a power forward. But when the small forward who is covering you is 6'10 and more athletic added to a shoulder injury, Carmelo could not bring forth the performance to put the Knicks over the Pacers.

Carmelo Anthony throughout his career earned the reputation of being a "ball-stopper" often resorting to breaking down his opponent rather than playing with the team. This is all not to blame on Melo, head coach Mike Woodson has been notorious for using an "Iso-Joe" offense in Atlanta and racked up a NBA high 16 percent in isolations last season. Whether it is Carmelo Anthony or J.R. Smith, the ball often does not leave their hands when their eyes are on the bucket which often left to broken offensive plays and bad turnovers. 

Carmelo is expected to play his natural position at the small forward spot this season with the inclusion of Andrea Bargnani. The feeling should be mutual as Bargnani can park out at the edge of the three while Carmelo can play inside the key. For defense, Metta World Peace may not be his former self but is still one of the most feared players in the NBA, just ask Tyler Hansbrough. At 260 pounds, Metta World Peace can handle the David Wests as well as the Paul Georges while Melo does not have to take as much responsibility defensively (something he won't complain about).

The Others
J.R. Smith and Tyson Chandler will be just as important to the Knicks' success as Carmelo Anthony
When it looked like guard J.R. Smith will miss part of the season with knee surgery, Smith is back in action and is ready for New York's final preseason game. At 28 years old, J.R is entering his ninth season in the prime of his career. Last season Smith averaged 18.1 points per game, 5.3 rebounds and 2.7 assists. Smith played more disciplined and controlled, and was a nice compliment to Carmelo Anthony. While we saw more consistency, the bad J.R. Smith was back in full effect shooting 33 percent throughout the playoffs. The problem with J.R. if he is in bad form is he does not know when to stop shooting, a mentality that Denver fans knew all too well and that New York fans came to experience against Boston and Indiana. J.R. Smith is almost just as important as Melo because somebody else needs to score as they were not many other scoring options outside of them last season.

Despite winning Defensive Player of the Year in 2012, Tyson Chandler does not get the credit he deserves on the defensive end. Chandler was an integral part in Dallas' championship run and transformed the New York Knicks defense from being horrible to being one of the better defenses in the league. Chandler uses every bit of his 7'1 frame and his nimble feet to be a menace at the defensive end making life hard for opposing players to drive to the basket. On offense Tyson is pretty serviceable too, finishing a high amount of his close range shots with dunks, put-backs and easy layups. As I mentioned before, he had major problems dealing with Roy Hibbert as he was too strong for the skinny Tyson Chandler to handle. The Knicks still have not addressed that issue as Cole Aldrich and Josh Powell are his backups.

Iman Shumpert will take Jason Kidd's place in the lineup as the starting shooting guard and came on strong towards the end of the season as he was readjusting to his knee and shown flashes of his athleticism. Known for his lockdown defense, Iman Shumpert is expected to improve his consistency on the offensive end of the ball and give the Knicks another outlet for scoring.

Raymond Felton is a solid if unspectacular point guard capable of running an offense and can provide points when needed. Last season, Felton averaged just 5.5 assists last season due to other options on the offensive end. Felton is best in a full court style of offense where he is dominating the ball and running the pick and roll as he was doing during his first stint with the Knicks. Bargnani can give the former North Carolina point guard some nice pick and pop potential.

Part of Felton's early success was the dominance of Amare Stoudemire who has been slowed down by knee problems and punching fire extinguishers. It could be stretching it to think that Amare Stoudemire would ever get back to his old self that made him one of the top power forwards in the NBA but then again he averaged 14.2 points per game and 5 rebounds in only 23.5 minutes during his short comeback last regular season.

Beno Udrih is one of the more underrated point guards in the NBA, this will be the fifth team in the Yugoslavian guard's career and is a solid backup for either guard position. Pablo Prigioni might of came to the NBA too late in his basketball career as he is past his prime but is still an important player on the bench thanks to his basketball IQ. Kenyon Martin made an immediate impact after getting signed late into the last season, will provide backup minutes at the 4 and 5 slot.Tim Hardaway Jr. has an NBA pedigree in his genes and a great pickup for the Knicks at 24, knows how to score but could be brought along the rotation slowly.

Will there be changes to the Mike Woodson offense?

In the 2012-2013 season, the Knicks were last in the NBA in assists per game, and 26th in rebounds. The Knicks at times were one-dimensional offensively as they lived and die by the three or at the hands of Melo and J.R.. New signing Andrea Bargnani does not deviate from the team formula and should become more of an replacement for Steve Novak. Metta World Peace is back in his hometown and he will definitely get behind the fans and bring the toughness for this Knicks team. While these group of players are younger and more versatile than last season's squad, the Knicks have not made enough off-season acquisitions to offset their intercity rivals the Brooklyn Nets. With Carmelo Anthony having recently declared for the open market, this could be the year of judgement for the New York Knicks.

Projected All Stars: Carmelo Anthony

Season Projection: Playoff Contention(5th place, 2nd in Atlantic Division)

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NBA Season Preview 2013-14: Phoenix Suns

2012-2013 Regular Season Record: 25-57

Key Additions: G: Eric Bledsoe (from Clippers via trade),  C: Alex Len (Rd 1, Pick 5), G/F: Gerald Green (from Pacers via trade), G: Archie Goodwin (Rd 1, pick 29), Jeff Hornacek (Head Coach)

Key Losses: F Luis Scola, F Michael Beasley, G/F Jared Dudley, C Jermaine O'Neal

Projected Starting Lineup: PG: Goran Dragic, SG: Eric Bledsoe SF: Gerald Green PF: Markeiff Morris, C: Marcin Gortat

Key Backups: G Shannon Brown, F Marcus Morris, C Alex Len, G Kendall Marshall, F Channing Frye

New Suns GM, Ryan McDonough starting off with a clean slate
Ever since taking over for the Phoenix Suns, former Boston Celtics executive Ryan McDonough nearly rebuilt the whole rosters with younger players with lots of potential. McDonough has done a good job ridding the older players with heavy contracts, waiving the knuckleheads (*cough* Beasley *cough*) and getting a first round draft pick in the process. The problem during the Suns' disappointing 25-57 season was a lack of team chemistry, disgruntled players and a switch of coaches mid season, and with a permanent signing of former Suns player Jeff Hornacek as the new head coach, Ryan McDonough sent a message that there are spots up for grabs.

Player Spotlight
After being in John Wall and Chris Paul's shadow, in Phoenix, the lights are on Eric Bledsoe.
Ever since his days in Kentucky, I was a huge fan of Eric Bledsoe. Built like a football player and can jump out of the building, I rated him as nearly as talented of a prospect as his former teammate John Wall and during his time in Los Angeles, he became one of top backup point guards in the NBA.

The possibilities are endless on how this former Kentucky guard will perform for Phoenix with the chains unleashed. To get a sample of what you are going to see from this 23 year old, let's take a look at his stats. Eric Bledsoe in 20.4 minutes, averaged 8.5 points per game, 3.1 assists, 3 rebounds, 0.7 blocks and 1.4 steals per game. If we average those stats over 36 minutes, you get 14.9 points, 5.4 assists, 5.2 rebounds, 1.3 blocks and 2.5 steals per game!

If the combo guard played 36 minutes per game the whole season, Bledsoe would be tied with Russell Westbrook for rebounds(although Westbrook played 34.9 minutes), would beat out former teammate Chris Paul as the top steal leader and would be far and away the number one block leader.As for scoring, that average can be exceeded as he has full freedom and the green light in the Suns offense unlike in LA where he had Blake Griffin, Jamal Crawford and Chris Paul.
Dragic and Bledsoe, the ideal combo?
With Goran Dragic playing alongside him, that gives Phoenix a nice 2 guard combination. Eric Bledsoe's 6'8 wingspan allows him to cover shooting guards, if the opposing point guard is too athletic and strong for Dragic, Bledsoe can slide over and guard the Westbrooks, Roses of the world as he packs just as much strength and speed with the best of him.

As for the offensive potential of the two combo guards, both players compliment each other with Dragic's technical style of play and Bledsoe's explosive style of basketball. Both guards masks each others' weaknesses, Bledsoe can have problems slowing the tempo down in the offense, his high octane energy can lead to turnovers from bad decision making. Bledsoe also needs to improve his mid range game as he was 29 percent from 16-23 feet. Dragic is a better passer at this stage of his career than the 23 year old averaging 7.4 assists on the season, Dragic also has a more developed mid range game shooting 42 percent from that area.

The Others
Will 5th pick Alex Len make an impact this season?
Eric Bledsoe is not the only player in the starting lineup that has something to prove, Gerald Green has had an up and down career in the NBA so far and has not lived to the immense expectations he has had coming out of high school. The Suns will give him another chance in that small forward spot which has to be the position of weakness in Phoenix.

Another weakness is the power forward spot and while the Morris twins have proven to be good role players this past season, do they have what it takes to bring their respective games to the next level? Making a comeback is Channing Frye who missed all of last season with a tragic enlarged heart. Fortunately, Frye is clear and should add the veteran presence in the locker room as he is currently the longest tenured Sun.

Marcin Gortat has been frustrated with Suns life last season, still posting solid numbers as he is one of the better centers in the NBA. Hopefully Jeff Hornacek gave Gortat new found hope although it is yet to be seen if the Polish international is in Phoenix's plans or not. Rookie center Alex Len will have a say in that, a mobile 7'1 big man with a soft touch. Len has excellent pick and roll potential, a nice shot blocker averaging 2.1 per game in Maryland and a decent jumper. He has an obvious lack of strength as with most big men coming from college. May not be ready yet on day one, but could be the player to watch in the future if he can get over his ankle problems.

When it looked like Kendall Marshall would be the successor to Steve Nash, the Suns went out and signed back Goran Dragic and Marshall was limited to backup playing time. The former Tar Heel did not have a good season in his allotted  time and this season might be the determining factor whether Marshall is NBA caliber. There is some debate if former Kentucky guard Archie Goodwin left the Wildcats a year or two early, but the 19 year old had a encouraging summer league and could be the sleeper of the draft. Shannon Brown returns as the Suns possible sixth man and has the versatility to play the one, two and three if the Suns go small.

Jeff Hornacek has spent his first six seasons in Phoenix and enjoyed his time as a prolific scorer. This decision as the Suns head coach is a great move as he has the immediate backing from fans of Arizona. The Phoenix ownership will give him plenty of time and patience as this young squad is not ready to compete during this season of rebuilding. Nonetheless, I expect them to eclipse their last season's mark of 25 wins as they start their second season post-Nash era.

Projected All-Stars: None

Season Projection: Bottom of the Western Conference

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NBA Season Preview 2013-14: Charlotte Bobcats

2012-2013 Regular Season Record: 21-61

Key Additions:  F/C Cody Zeller (Rd 1, Pick 4), C Al Jefferson (3 years , 41 mil, 27.2 guaranteed), Gerald Henderson ( 4 yrs, 24 mil, 12 mil guaranteed), Steve Clifford (Head Coach)

Key Losses: F: Tyrus Thomas, Mike Dunlap (Head Coach)

Projected Starting Lineup: PG: Kemba Walker, SG: Gerald Henderson SF: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist PF: Cody Zeller, C: Al Jefferson

Key Backups: G Ramon Sessions, F/C Bismack Biyombo, G Ben Gordon, F Josh McRoberts

With a high profile signing and another top 5 pick, Can MJ and the Bobcats get back to the playoffs for the second time in franchise history?
Despite improving on their atrocious seven win record by 14, the Charlotte Bobcats were still among the worst in the NBA, lacking in talent and coaching. They weren't arguably the worst team in NBA history like they were in the 2011-2012 season but still is the laughing stock of the NBA and is it possible to rebuild with this team?

First, the Charlotte Bobcats did not have many players signed over the previous years that panned out, one being Tyrus Thomas. The athletic forward has had problems with injuries and confidence throughout his career and probably had his last stint of his NBA career. Mike Dunlap also got let go after his first year with the team after having problems with team chemistry and lineup rotations. Another clean slate(and another new jersey) the Charlotte Bobcats are looking to fly under the radar and sneak up the Eastern Conference.

Player Spotlight
If the Bobcats are gonna get anywhere from rock bottom, Kemba Walker will have to be the answer.
While basketball fans were paying attention to other teams, Kemba Walker silently put up a very solid season, averaging 17.7 points per game, 5.7 assists and 3.5 rebounds per game on 42 percent shooting. The Bronx-born 23 year old has made excellent strides from his struggling rookie season in which he shot near 37 percent. Kemba Walker has shown flashes in what made him the NCAA player of the year in Connecticut, but the problems still lies in his ability to finish in the paint given his 6'1 frame. Kemba manages to suppress that weakness with an excellent mid range game in which he can pull up off the bounce with his quickness and anticipation. In this era of the point guards, it might not be realistic in Kemba Walker's career(and Bobcats' expectations) for him to ever be a possible all star in future, but can make improvements next season for the Cats' to take the next step.

Although not Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook, Kemba Walker is able to get by regardless of his physical limitations, his amazing ball handling skills combined with his speed allows him to get anywhere on the court, his energy is infectious, he's durable(played all 82 games last season) and also has a decent three point shot at 32 percent. Areas the former UConn guard needs to improve is his passing, granted Kemba does not have much help and constantly plays with another point guard, but needs to balance being a passer and being a scorer in a more effective way. Given his size, he probably will never be a good defender but can be a terror picking off steals averaging 2 of them last season.

The Others
Is Big Al looking for a challenge or is he just in it for the money?
Al Jefferson enjoyed a fine couple of seasons for the Utah Jazz before cashing in on the Charlotte Bobcats averaging 17.8 and 9.2 rebounds in his final season. He has battled injuries throughout his career and is not the same player that got traded to the Timberwolves as part of the Kevin Garnett trade but is still one of the better centers of the NBA. Big Al can be what the Bobcats are missing in the post, but there is a little skepticism in the former high school draftee going to a bottom feeder team for a generous amount of money over a contender, does he have the ambition to win?

The fourth pick of the draft Cody Zeller enjoyed a fine two seasons at Indiana and is projected to fight with Bismack Biyombo to be the starting power forward. At 7'0 240, Zeller can run like a deer across the court and spread the floor out with his mid range game, extremely technical for a 21 year old, does he have the strength to hang and defend against the NBA big men?

Speaking of Biyombo, his defense is promising and his offense is offensive, with another coach, this might be his make or break year if we do not see any improvements.

Michael Kidd Gilchrist might be the worst shooting small forward in the NBA, but can pretty much do everything else that can impact the game. Has a lot of potential, can he improve his jumper?

Before we know it, Gerald Henderson might be a Bobcat/Hornet for life. Has found his role on the team utilizing his athleticism developed a jumpshot and has been producing well averaging 15 points per game over the last 2 seasons. But then again, who else is going to score?

As for the rest of the team, Ramon Sessions is a solid point guard who plays best in a sixth man role and has worked well with Kemba, Ben Gordon is no longer the player from Chicago but still can catch on fire in any second, McBob has one of the best nicknames in the business and can provide a good cover for Zeller/Biyombo/Jefferson.

Steve Clifford has a tough job ahead of him, and Jordan and the rest ownership have proven before they are not scared of firing a coach after the first year. Steve Clifford has a interesting background being a former protege of the Gundy brothers and serving as a Lakers assistant last season, it will be difficult to coach a young basketball team that had its third coach in three years. While the future Hornets should further improve on their 21-61 record, expect another losing season under the Bobcats name.

Projected All-Stars: None

Season Projection: Bottom of the Eastern Conference

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NBA Top 5 SGs for the 13-14 Season

With an Achilles injury to Kobe Bryant, the shooting guard is in need of a young upstart ready to take the league by storm. James Harden has certainly benefited from getting out of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook's shadow, will Monta Ellis and OJ Mayo benefit from a change of scenery as well?

1. Dwayne Wade - Miami Heat
Many critics speculate whether Dwayne Wade still has what it takes to be a top player in the NBA. At times the Miami Heat did look like the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Dwayne Wade (as well as Chris Bosh) had much to blame, but how much of his discerning play was from injury or just simply age? Dwayne Wade is not known to make excuses, he never really let off how much his knee was bothering him. With a full off-season of rest, the three time NBA champ should come back to form. In terms of efficiency, DWade had his best season to date shooting 52 percent, this is the result of the three time NBA champion getting adjusted to his Robin role to LeBron's batman. Not exactly a sharpshooter, Dwayne excels with his still tremendous athletic ability, basketball IQ and heart to sacrifice his body for the benefit of the team. Expect Flash to be back into his old self this season.

2. James Harden - Houston Rockets
The Western Conference will fear the beard this season as he could become an All-Star starter as a result of the Kobe Bryant injury. I would be lying if I told you James Harden was going to perform as well as he did last season. The former Arizona State guard averaged 25.9 points per game, 5.8 assists, 4.9 rebounds while getting 1.8 steals per game. Harden is a versatile two guard, with the ability to operate an offense as well as being the main option and is also an underrated perimeter defender. The burden he had to carry for his team was heavier than his facial hair, Harden did not have much help on the offensive end which lead to a bittersweet exit at the hands of his former team Oklahoma City Thunder. Dwight Howard will provide the help offensive end giving Harden an option on fast breaks as well as pick and rolls and should take some ease off of him on the defensive end knowing he has a player who can consistently man the paint. The Rockets have not had this good of a shooting guard since Tracy McGrady, now the mission is to do something T-Mac has never done and that is to bring Houston past the first round.

3. Monta Ellis - Dallas Mavericks
Say what you want about Monta Ellis, this former Lanier high school graduate can put the ball in the basket. Monta Ellis recently signed with the Dallas Mavericks and should have more success with the Mavs then his tenure with the Bucks. During his last season with the Milwaukee Bucks, Ellis averaged 19.2 points per game and 6 assists along with a guard that has a similar style of play in Brandon Jennings. Ellis should have more success with Dallas with a pass first point guard in Jose Calderon and is expected to be the Mavs leading scorer.

4.  Manu Ginobili - San Antonio Spurs
Just like Dwayne Wade, Manu Ginobili looked like a shell of his former self in the NBA Finals. Battling with a bevy of injuries as well, it was a tough time for the Argentine producing 11.5 points per game on just short of 40 percent shooting in 26 minutes of play. However, Manu did show glimpses of the old such as his 24 point explosion in the Spurs winning effort against the Miami Heat in game 5 as well as a 18 point outing before falling to the Heat in game 7. With Marco Belinelli coming on board, Man Ginobili should have a lesser workload which means more time to rest and better efficiency. His game is not heavily reliant on his athleticism rather than his craftiness and technique so with injuries aside, look for the Spurs to become the big three once again.

5. Tyreke Evans - New Orleans Pelicans
The second major transaction after the trade for Jrue Holiday, Tyreke Evans is eager to prove that he is still the same player that was highly regarded during his rookie year. The former Memphis combo guard had a solid year during his last season with the Sacramento Kings. The 24 year old contributed 15.2 points per game on a career high 48 percent field goal percentage. What is also to note about Tyreke Evans is his versatility, Evans can pay three positions on the court, contribute in rebounding and assists.  The Pelicans has recently stated that Evans will come off the bench, which will provide the second team with somebody, who can take the ball to the basket, play off guard or run the point if need be and will bring much added depth into the second unit. A bold prediction yes, but Tyreke Evans is in a perfect position to win sixth man of the year and regain that swagger that made him rookie of the year.

The Big Question Mark - Kobe Bryant - Los Angeles Lakers
While creating this list, the most difficult decision I had to make is where do I put Kobe Bryant on this list? If not for the torn Achilles, Kobe Bryant would have been 2nd on the list behind Dwayne Wade (argue all you want). With the torn Achilles, I had him after James Harden. With recent developments of another knee procedure in Germany,  I decided to keep him here as a glorified honorable mention until we are sure he can be healthy for the first half of the season. We all know what happened to Andrew Bynum.

Other Honorable Mentions
Eric Gordon - New Orleans Pelicans
Has not been the same player since coming back from a right knee injury that got him sidelined for 57 games during his first year with New Orleans in the 2011-2012 season. Gordon has also been dealing with chronic ankle injuries that he had arthroscopic surgery on in May. Can the former Hoosier guard put these injuries behind him and return to the player he was during the 2010-11 season with the Clippers?

Jamal Crawford - Los Angeles Clippers
Known for his killer ball handle and knack for scoring, the Seattle born combo guard has come a long way in the league since being drafted by the Chicago Bulls 8th overall in 2000.  Jamal Crawford has become one of the top sixth men in the NBA but at that age of 33, can he maintain that level of production?

J.R. Smith - New York Knicks
During the off-season, J.R. Smith underwent patella tendon surgery that will keep him sidelined for 12-16 weeks. The defending NBA Sixth Man of the Year would of been my number five on my list, but unfortunately Knicks fans should only expect him to be back in action during the second half of the season.

OJ Mayo - Milwaukee Bucks
Mayo was really Jeykll and Hyde last season with the Dallas Mavericks. Before the All-Star break, OJ Mayo was averaging 17.9 points per game while shooting 46 percent from the field and 41 percent from downtown. After the break, the former USC guard averaged a meager 10.9 with his field goal percentage dipping just under 42 percent. Mavs coach Rick Carlisle even questioned his ambition playing against his former team, the Memphis Grizzlies. With Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings gone, OJ Mayo has a chance to be the man in Milwaukee, will he take that opportunity?

Joe Johnson - Brooklyn Nets
Despite breaking ankles and hitting clutch shots, Joe Johnson has been largely disappointing during his first year with the Brooklyn Nets. Most of the disappointing play was in part due to the lack of chemistry between him and Deron Williams. During his time with the Atlanta Hawks, Joe Johnson morphed from a spot up shooter in Phoenix to an isolation scorer in Atlanta, with Deron Williams dominating the ball and running the offense,it was hard for the 32 year old to get in rhythm. Add to that Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry, where will the six time All-Star fit in?

NBA Top 5 PGs for the 13-14 Season