Friday, August 16, 2013

NBA Top 5 PGs of the 2013-14 Season

With many teams in the NBA still making last minute signings before the start of the season, I have postponed the season previews for a more appropriate date. Meanwhile, lets get into a discussion of the best players of the NBA at each position. Note, I am not making this list on who is the best of last season, but who I expect to be the best of this season. There are bold decisions on my lists so I do not expect you to agree with all my picks. And if you don't, feel free to comment with your insight.

Now on to the show!

This is the golden era in the NBA for point guards, so this list is very debatable but based on projections this is my list for Top 10 PGs.

1. Chris Paul
With the influx of young talented point guards in the NBA, Chris Paul is still the top of the totem pole when it comes to the best. Last season, Chris Paul led the Los Angeles Clippers to a franchise best 56-26 regular season record while averaging 9.7 assists per game. Along with Kyrie Irving, he has the best handles in basketball, a true floor general running the offense and a fast break steal waiting to happen. Now being the big dog team in LA along with new coach Doc Rivers and returning players; Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan and Jamal Crawford, an NBA title is the expectation for Lob City.

2. Derrick Rose
No I am not crazy and yes I know he came off a torn ACL in which he did not play the whole season. Having a little experience in what DRose was going through, ACL tears are no joke, you can not rush this type of injury, not everybody is Adrian Peterson. Derrick Rose had to wait until he was ready and I know he is itching to come back in style. We are talking about a Derrick Rose with a full year of rest, over a year removed from his ACL tear and a big chance to challenge the Heat in the Eastern Conference. Many people forget that it was only two years ago Derrick Rose was the MVP averaging 25 points per game and 7.7.assists. Look for Derrick Rose to prove many doubters wrong this season.

3. Kyrie Irving

As I said in my Cleveland Cavaliers season preview Kyrie Irving will take the next step in his development and will become an elite point guard in the NBA. His first two seasons, Irving had to carry the workload on scoring, resulting in lower shooting percentages and assists numbers as Kyrie had to force shots occasionally to give his team a chance to win. Expect more help this season with Andrew Bynum(if healthy of course), rookie Anthony Bennett and a sophomore Dion Waiters. Despite his dominance in All-Star weekend last season, many basketball fans are still unaware of how good Kyrie Irving really is.This season, they will find out.

4. Tony Parker
Tony Parker gets better with age. If you have watched the Spurs throughout last year's postseason, Tony Parker was arguably the best point guard of the playoffs. With an added three point shot, Tony Parker became seemingly unguardable last season and did what he wanted on the court. It is still amazing to me how well this Frenchman can score in the paint given his size. Last season Tony Parker averaged 20.3 points per game 7.6 assists per game at an amazing 52 percent clip. Having came close to another NBA title, Tony Parker and the San Antonio Spurs will look for redemption this upcoming season.

5. Russell Westbrook
After Westbrook tore his right meniscus against the Houston Rockets Game 2 of the playoffs, critics started to realize just how important this former UCLA guard is to the OKC Thunder. Nobody else compliments Kevin Durant's game better than Russell Westbrook. KD had to carry the team on his shoulders and without Westbrook's unpredictability, OKC became one dimensional. This super athletic point guard should not have any setbacks from his knee injury and as long as he and Durant stays healthy, Oklahoma City are a championship contender. If Westbrook improves his shot selection, he would be higher on this list.

Honorable Mentions
John Wall
After his maximum contract signing, big things are expected from this lightning quick guard, and with so much talent on this list, he just missed the top 5. In reference to my Washington Wizards season preview, if the Wizards are to make a playoff berth, Wall needs to live up to those enormous expectations.

Rajon Rondo
Rajon Rondo is arguably the best passing point in the NBA. While lack of a consistent jumper, Rondo can still take over games and his running of the offense is a thing of beauty. Due to an ACL tear that ended his season early against the Atlanta Hawks and a complete rebuild of the Celtics, this year will be a transition for the former Kentucky guard so expect a drop in production.

Deron Williams
Remember when Deron Williams and Chris Paul were 1A and 1B? After a trade to the Brooklyn Nets, although playing at All-Star level, Deron Williams has not replicated the form that made him a top point guard. With a couple of new weapons at his disposal, Deron Williams has less pressure on him and a chance to make the Nets the best team in New York.

Stephen Curry
His jumper is poetry in motion. After breaking Ray Allen's record for most threes in a season and carrying Golden State to the second round, Stephen Curry became a fan favorite in The City after struggling with ankle injuries earlier in his career. A better floor general than given credit for, expect Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors to make even more noise in the Western Conference this season.